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If you're a fan of this show, you've most likely wondered at some point where you'd be able to buy (or otherwise acquire) recorded episodes of this show. Well, I'm not going to lie; no matter what methods you may employ, it is not an easy task to find this show on VHS or DVD. However, there actually are just a few sources.

Kellybit's 22

This is the most complete English set to be found so far. It's a four-disc DVD set of high-quality video and audio, and even come in the typical plastic DVD case with their own cover art. Only four episodes are missing! I, as well as many others, encourage anybody who might have a copy of any of these last four to get them out to the public, that we might finally have a complete set. The final four needed are:

-Episode 7: (title unknown, possibly Strawberries in the Snow or Winter Strawberries)
-Episode 11: The Baby Bears
-Epsiode 12: Looking At The Stars
-Episode 14: Storm Baby

If you can actually help with these last four episodes, you can stop by the forum here, or drop me an email, (see the Email section above) or send an email to this person:

Link to the site: http://www.freewebs.com/stuffilike/littlbits.htm

The "Ataraxia 5"

These are five episodes recorded back in the 90s by a dude in New Jersey. He is providing copies on your choice of either VHS or DVD, and charges only the cost of shipping. On his site, you'll find an email address, and you can probably still send him a message if you'd like to purchase his five episodes. These five are:

-The Mystical Monument
-Help the Squirrel
-Save the Raccoon
-Madam Bella the Weaver
-Let's go to Sea Part 2

Link to the web site: http://members.tripod.com/~djfury/nick.html

Litt'l Friends

This is the first of the three official video tapes released in America. It can still be purchased on Amazon, though most people who search will overlook this one due to the misprinted spelling "Litt'l." It contains a tiny coloring book, as well as the three episodes:

-Dr. Snoozabit
-Poor old Helpabit
-The Wanderbits

An official link to this product on Amazon

Aside from these two sources, there is no known place to acquire English episodes of this show. However, you may find the entire series in two OTHER languages: Arabic and Italian. The official Italian DVD set was just recently released, so perhaps there may be some slight hope for an English release of the series.
The complete Arabic series
The complete Italian series
Last updated: October 15, 2007