The Main Characters


Other names: Rirubitto, Lillibit, Lilibit, Lutinou, Teepteepon, Abdo(u) (this name has been seen with and without the u on the end)
Playing the male lead is Willibit. He is perhaps the most adventurous of all the littl' bits, and often serves as the leader of their adventures, providing the inspiration for their expeditions and encouraging everyone to go along and never give up. He is generally the show's biggest role model, always trying to do the right thing and help others out. He is the son of Grumpabit (his mom seems to just be addressed as "Mrs. Grumpabit"), and the older brother of Teenybit. Based on some close observations, it seems that Willibit is a skilled archer, can play a flute, and is unrivaled when it comes to riding frogs (which would generally take the place of a bull or horse in a Foothill Forest rodeo).


Other names: Berufi, Belfy, Belfi, Lutinette, Teepteep, Basma
The second main character, the adorable Lillibit. Often serving as a foil to Willibit, she sometimes has to serve as his more level-headed counterpart, keeping him and the others in line if things are getting too out of control. She's just as eager to go out adventuring with them, but often has to keep them from flying off the handle. She is the only person in the village who can directly speak with animals, a skill which comes in quite useful during the course of their journeys. She has some medical knowledge from her uncle, and is also one of the best weavers in the town, once nearly taking on the job as head weaver. One great sub-plot that developed later in the series was the origin of Lillibit's parents. All her life, she had been raised by her uncle, Dr. Snoozabit, and had always been told that her parents died shortly after she was born. Eventually she comes to find out that this is actually not true... And that her real parents continue to live on...


Other names: Napoleon
Snagglebit, (or "Snag" as he's often appropriately called) is commonly around Willibit and Lillibit in their everyday lives. He is the son of the town's mayor, Bossabit, and is therefore fairly spoiled, and has some bratty tendencies. He has a gigantic crush on Lillibit, but she seems indifferent to him in that department, often preferring to be with Willibit. You might call Snagglebit the little devil on everyone else's shoulder. Though he generally stands by his friends, he is sometimes morally misguided, and isn't afraid to twist some arms to get his way, if it calls for that.


Other names: unknown
Browniebit is the smallest of the five main kids, and is perhaps the youngest. He is often seen as a sort of sidekick to Snagglebit, often wanting to maintain a close friendship with him, though Snagglebit does not always return the sentiment. Browniebit is the most timid of the children, is sometimes viewed as a coward, and is often reluctant to be in such dangerous situations as the others.


Other names: unknown
Chip is the fifth character usually accompanying the other four. Little is known about him presently, but he idolizes Doctor Snoozabit, and at one point it was a great aspiration of his to be just like the doctor, though his father wanted him to be a woodcutter just like him.
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