Article 1 - Introductions

February 26, 2009

Who are you? What are you doing here? How did this site end up in this spot?

Well, let's start in the beginning here. When I was 3 years old, I saw The Littl' Bits on TV a handful of times. I remembered scarcely a thing about it for the next several years, until one day, almost 15 years later, the one thing I had retained (That one little clip of the theme song with the chanting "We're the Littl' Bits!") came to my mind as I sat bored at the computer, so I took to Wikipedia and looked it up. After some reading, and seeing pictures of the characters again, and further scouring of the internet, there was a gigantic floodgate of memories opened up, and I suddenly regained a whole bunch of near-subconscious memories.

So this was in August 2006. In about a year, I'd tracked down a small number of preserved episodes to buy on the internet, and then came to build this site, wishing for some place online where I could talk and relate to other people who watched and liked the show, and also hopefully track down every remaining episode. Writing this in 2009, we've now attained 22 of the 26 episodes, and I'm fairly optimistic about eventually tracking down those last four. Of course, knowing another language would have you find yourself a bit more fortunate, as full series can be accounted for in Spanish, Italian (that's actually a nice DVD box set), Arabic, and maybe others.

At the present time, interest may be declining in the public. Forum members are few and far between, and those who have signed up rarely visit. I'm still stopping by every day though, hoping for a new conversation to spark up, and giving the occasional visitor what information and help I can. It's a pretty lonely job, but I'm perfectly content with it. I can at least find assurance in the fact that this site is high on the list (or at the top) of a Google search for The Littl' Bits.

Articles? What do you mean?

Maybe it's the decline in activity mentioned above, but sometimes I just get the urge to ramble on about this show for some reason or another, but I usually just keep it to myself because I know so few people who have even heard of it. The forum 'round here is pretty inactive, so I figure I'll get little to no feedback there, so I might as well post my thoughts on the main site, where more people are likely to see them, even if I get no response. I've enjoyed reading authors' thoughts and discoveries about old TV shows/movies on other fan sites, so maybe someone else will stop by here and get a good read. Hey, if you see anything truly interesting, I'm not opposed to receiving some emails. ;)

Think of this similarly to a blog. There ought to be plenty of information on the subject of The Littl' Bits, but it's human information from my personal biased perspective, not encyclopedic information striving for the utmost neutrality. Instead of thinking of it as a biased look, maybe you'd like to think of it as me putting a personal touch to the stories here. I'll update this section whenever I'm feeling a spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions, and just gotta shout out to the public.