A blog-like structure for a bit of deeper thought on various subjects of this show
Introductions - Get to know the author a bit better? How I was led to making this site, and what sort of things I've learned about the show. Perhaps some background information setup for other articles' themes.
Nomenclature Confusion - There have been lots of misconceptions about how to spell some names, and what they should really be. Get some good answers here.
Americanization - "The Littl' Bits" is in fact very different in English-speaking countries than what others got, and what was originally made. Some absurdities (may I even go as far as to say outrages?) contained within.
Origins - What does one call littl' bits as a species? Possible connections to Gulliver's Travels are explored here.
Lost Episode #1: Winter Strawberries - The first of the four lost English episodes. In this article, I guide you through the whole episode with lotsa text and pictures.
Last updated: October 15, 2007